Choco Kebab Cafe

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Average Delivery

40-50 Mins

Minimum Order


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Vegan Snacks

Vegan Rikotta Pastizzi


XXL Vegan Pizelli Pastizzi


Vegan Savory Pies

Served with Mash Potato and Mushy Peas


Vega Beyond Doner Kebab

Served with Salad and Fries


6 Vegan Standard Size Frozen Pastizzi

3 Pizelli and 3 Vegan Rikotta



Vegan Hotdog

Green, Red & Yellow Peppers & Pickled Onions


Beyond Jackfruit Burger

With Fries and Salad


Beyond Burger with Vegan Cheese

With Fries and Salad


Classic Beyond Burger

With Fries and Salad


Beyond Hotdog

With Fries and Salad


Vegan Chik Fillet Burger

With vegan Bacon or Avocado


Beyond Burger with Jerky Bacon

With Vegan Jerky Bacon


Hummus Patatine Wrap with Salad


Chilli Chickpea Burger

With Paprika Fries & Salad


Vegan Crepes- Savoury

Tuna Crepe


Chicken Crepe


Pork Crepe


Vegan Crepe- Sweet

Fruit Crepe


Vegan Sicilian Canolli

1 Piece


Chocolate Kebab










Still Water


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