Time To Eat Malta – Order Your Delivery and Takeaway Online

About Us

Time to Eat is based on a concept which originated in Denmark in 2001 and today is found all over the world.

We started Time to Eat in December 2012 when we attempted to order take out and the only option was to call the restaurant. We had an unfortunate episode mainly due to the language barrier, requirement of a Maltese phone number and they even asked for our ID card number. The result of this ordeal was giving up on that place and we began the search for online restaurants with delivery options. Nothing came up and we could see something needed to be done, so customers and restaurants can have a hassle free way to order take out and keep both sides happy.

We have since, began to develop a smooth system, which takes care of everything between the customer and restaurant. We continue to work hard on the site to make it perfect. Also we’re working on building strong bonds with restaurants, so we can offer you the best and widest selection of cuisine no matter where in Malta you are based.