This is my first time. How do I Order?

  1. Choose your location to find Restaurants that serves your area
  2. Choose the Restaurant you would like to order from
  3. Click on the items you would like to order
  4. Click ‘Order Now’
  5. Choose whether you want to collect your food or have it delivered
  6. Fill your details and select payment method

It doesn’t allow me to order. How come?

That’s no good. Have you:

  1. Made sure the Restaurant is open?
  2. Checked you reached the Restaurants minimum order?
  3. Made sure all boxed have been filled in correctly?

If you are still having problems placing your order, you can contact our support on hello@timetoeat.com.mt or call on +356 2778 1512. Our lines are open Monday-Sunday from 11am-11pm

How do I filter for a specific Restaurant?

Go on to the Restaurant listing by choosing your location. Then, in the left column of the website you can choose to filter your specific cuisines or by simply inputting the Restaurants name in the Restaurant search bar.

Can I order now and get it delivered at a later time?

Yes! When you get to the check out part in the order process, you can either choose to get your food ASAP (as soon as possible) or as scheduled.

How can I pay for my order?

When you place your order, the last step is to choose type of payment. You can either choose to pay online with your credit or debit card or you can pay cash upon delivery or when you pick up your order.

How do I save my information for next time?

The first time you place your order on Time to Eat, the information you use for your order details will automatically be saved and creates a user profile for you. Next time you want to order all your details will be saved, so it’s easy and convenient to order.

My order hasn’t arrived within the promised time?

When you place your order, the Restaurant will provide you with a confirmation time for when the delivery is going to arrive to you. If it’s a collection order, the said Restaurant would provide you with a pick up time. The time given is an approximate time and the Restaurants will always try their best to have your order delivered on the promised time, but due to weather, traffic etc. it can take a bit longer. If your order does not arrive with the promised time you can call the Restaurant on the phone number you have received on e-mail and text, when placing your order. If you can’t get a hold of the Restaurant you can call our customer care on +356 2778 1512 and one of our dedicated support teams will be more than happy to assist you on why your food hasn’t arrived yet.

My meal didn’t fulfil my expectations – what can I do?

Did the meal you ordered not fulfil your expectations we recommend you call the Restaurant as soon as possible so they can settle your problem. If you can’t come to a settlement with the Restaurant, we will try and help you find a settlement, just call us on +356 2778 1512 or send us an e-mail to hello@timeoteat.com.mt.

How can I get in contact with Time to Eat?

You are always welcome to call our customer care if you have any problems or questions. You can also send us an email, and we will reply as soon as possible.
Phone: +356 2778 1512
Email: hello@timetoeat.com.mt

I ordered by mistake, can I cancel my order?

If you made an order, but would wish to cancel it, you then have to call the Restaurant immediately after the order was confirmed and maybe they will let you cancel it and give you a refund if you paid online. If the said Restaurant already started preparing your food, you might not be able to cancel your order and therefore not get a refund. When ordering through Time To Eat the same rules applies as if you ordered at the Restaurant.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes! We always use the latest technology to encrypt your details and the best partners to handle the online payments.

If I have food allergy or other special dietary requirements, what do I do?

If you have any specials requirements to your order, you can leave a comment to the restaurant in the comment box under the specific item.

My food arrived but something is missing – what do I do?

If you received your order and something is missing or something is incorrect, please start by checking your confirmation e-mail, which will state what you ordered. If your confirmation mail doesn’t match the food you received you have to call the restaurant immediately, so they can bring the missing items, as they might have prepared them, but simply forgot to put it together with the rest of the order.

I am not pleased! – where can I complain?

Do you have any inquiries about your order we recommend you to try and call the Restaurant? Time to Eat is not responsible for the quality of the food or the service provided by the Restaurant, but we will gladly help you in case the Restaurant doesn’t agree with your satisfaction. As soon as you feel unjustified about your order, we recommend you to call the Restaurant immediately to solve the issues due to your order. You will find the Restaurants phone number in the confirmation e-mail and the text message sent to your mobile phone. If you need our help to solve any issues between you and the restaurant you can e-mail us on hello@timetoeat.com.mt or give us a call on +356 2778 1512.

My order never arrived, but I paid with a credit card and the money has been withdrawn – What can I do?

Should you experience that your order doesn’t arrive after you already paid for it, you have to write us an e-mail with the information and an order number. We will then check with the restaurant what the reason for their missing service was and refund you the money straight away. Please note that it can take 7 days before the bank process the transaction.

My order was rejected, but I paid with credit card and my funds have still been deducted from my account.

When an order is cancelled by the Restaurant we automatically refund the money from our end. Please allow the bank up to 10 working days to process this reimbursement. If your order was confirmed in the first place and then cancelled you need to contact our support on hello@timetoeat.com.mt or feel free to call our support line on +356 2778 1512 from 11am-11pm Monday – Sunday.

How do I place a review?

To place a Review, you would need to login, click your name in the upper right corner and go to ‘Previous Orders’. Here you’ll be able to place a review with any restaurant you have previously ordered.

I’ve placed a Review but it’s not showing. How come?

Before publishing any reviews, they have to be reviewed by our team to ensure no Restaurants are unfairly treated. Therefore, you might not see your Review right away after placing it.


I received a voucher or discount. How do I use it?

At the checkout input the code you received under ‘Promotional Code’ and the discount will automatically be applied.

How do I delete my account?

Log in on Time to Eat and click on your name, you will then get redirected to your user account where you can change settings. Click on the button DELETE ACCOUNT and confirm that want to delete your account

How do I retrieve my data?

Log in on Time to Eat and click on your name, you will then get redirected to your user account where you can change settings. Click on the button Download Data and you will receive all your information that we have gathered.